Designer, Developer

The Brief

Arravanti is one of Miami's premiere retailers of high-end Italian and European contemporary home furnishings. For many years, the company sold exclusively through it's showroom, but they were now ready to begin selling online and wanted to create an e-commerce experience that would do justice to their brand and their expansive catalog of designer products while offering convenient tools for their Interior Designer clients.

The Solution

Inspired by the contemporary European design permeating their catalog, a monochromatic palette was combined with touches of Swiss design to create a sense of timeless design sophistication. A "Trending Now" section on the homepage listed the most popular products (by number of visits) while Favoriting functionality allowed users to save organized lists of the products that interested them. A special user access level was created for Interior Designers, which offered exclusive product resources as well as enabled them to share their lists with staff so as to request availability and pricing for project planning purposes.

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