Designer, Developer

The Brief

Atmosphere Diffusion, a scent marketing company and fragrance manufacturer based in France, was expanding operations into the United States and was looking for local branding and marketing support to assist in it's transition and adaptation to the U.S. market. A new name, visual identity, brand communication strategy and digital presence was required to empower it's newly formed U.S. team to begin sales and service in the region with luxury hotels, restaurant groups and brick-and-mortar retailers in it's crosshairs.

The Solution

After a thorough naming process, involving focus groups and international trademark research, Parfumaire was chosen as the new brand name. Inspired by the great European fashion houses, a strong serif typeface was chosen for the logo, accompanied by a geometric icon representative of the Lily of the Valley, a sweetly scented flower that grows natively near their homeland. The brand palette comprised of slate, white, gold and natural tones to provide a sense of both luxury and comfort while creating space for colorful ingredient imagery to sing when applied. The website was designed as a stand-alone sales tool that would educate visitors on the science of scenting, the breadth of their scent catalog, the company's history and expertise, as well as provide direct access to home shopping or business enquiries. A Fragrance Finder tool was developed to provide an interactive experience that helped visitors determine the best possible fragrances based on individual preferences and goals.

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