Creative Director, Designer, Developer

The Brief

The Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami made it's name in South Florida by organizing research-driven, thought-provoking exhibitions that feature under-explored art and artists from around the globe. Inspired by the multicultural energy of its surrounding communities, the museum offers a unique perspective and, in contrast to many of it's more glossy, local competitors, had developed a reputation as something of an underdog. The goals of this entirely new visual identity were to create a logo mark that would elevate the brand in the international art scene while offering the flexibility to adapt itself to various contexts, as well as to expand the brand color palette and graphic expression to allow for each of the museum's unique programs to adopt a sub-brand of it's own.

The Solution

A fully responsive logo system was designed using custom geometric lettering that allows the brand to appear in various formats ranging from a monogram to a full logo accompanied by the museum's full name, with several variations in between. The graphic nature of the custom lettering lends itself to use as patterns and graphic embellishments which appear throughout the materials, while a versatile color palette gives the brand the range it required for everything from children's to adult programming.

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